Skoda Karoq 1.5 TSI ARMASPEED Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake

$550 USD

The Skoda intake for the KAROQ 1.5 TSI is made with fine carbon fiber and has been developed to provide the most efficient and direct airflow path to the turbo.

Our KAROQ 1.5 TSI intake system was developed to offer the highest possible flow rate while maintaining the lowest intake temperatures possible to produce a net performance gain. By replacing the OEM with our high flow air filter and coupling this with a smooth silicon duct, we have ensured that the airflow remains as laminar as possible. Furthermore, we design the KAROQ 1.5 TSI intake system by 3D scanning so you can directly bolt on. Enlarge tube to make the engine breathe with greater efficiency and therefore gain power, improving the already brilliantly designed intake. A carbon fiber airbox isolates the high temperature further from the engine and enhances the performance of the car.

Fitment: KAROQ 1.5 TSI

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CS56-AR60039 ARMASPEED air filter
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