Nissan Z Armaspeed Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake

$780 USD

Elevate your Nissan Z’s performance with the ARMASPEED Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake. Crafted meticulously from high-strength prepreg carbon fiber, this intake system boasts an impeccable design with an Aluminum Alloy Airbox, ensuring heat is effectively blocked out. The direct and efficient airflow path provided by ARMASPEED ensures a smooth intake, complemented by a distinctive sound signature tailored specifically for Nissan Z models equipped with the twin-turbo VR30DDTT engine.

ARMASPEED has innovatively addressed the narrow intake hole issue with a unique semi-open design that not only enhances airflow but also retains efficient cold air intake, especially after ECU tuning. Furthermore, the system comes with a specialized air filter, precisely tailored for the Nissan Z, maximizing intake efficiency even within confined spaces.

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