Mercedes-Benz W205 C200 C250 C260 C300 (M274) ARMASPEED Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake

$715 USD

The ARMASPEED Mercedes-Benz W205 intake has been developed to create an efficient airflow rate that is smoother than Stock air intake. By replacing the stock panel air filter, ARMASPEED adapts our own design high-flow dry air filter to increase the mass of air. By the improvement of the air mass, the engine allows working with its true power. When the engine bay contains hot air will causes intake breathes in hot air by hot soaking which reduces the engine’s performance. Our fully sealed carbon fiber airbox and inlet pipe are designed to prevent the engine breathe in hot air. Furthermore, the smooth inter-surface of our intake system can reduce the friction drag and create an optimized path for airflow.

★ Cars will need ECU/DME tuning depending on the areas, climate, and local environmental regulations/ laws.

※The estimated order processing time before leaving the warehouse is 10-14 business days.

Shipping excludes import duty.

CS56-AR60030 ARMASPEED air filter
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