BMW R18 ARMASPEED Carbon Fiber Headlight Fairing

$280 USD

The BMW R18 Carbon Fiber Headlight Fairing is a high-quality accessory designed to enhance the appearance and performance of your BMW R18 motorcycle.

Made from lightweight and durable carbon fiber material, this headlight fairing provides excellent protection for the headlight on your bike. It is also designed to improve the aerodynamics of your motorcycle, helping to reduce drag and improve overall performance.

By 3D scanning and manufactured in a thermoforming process that is perfectly-shaped to fit neatly around the R18’s headlight. Quick and easy to mount, comes complete with a discreet fitting kit made from precision aluminous alloy that needs no modifications to the bike – indicators, mirrors, and steering lock are also unaffected.

With its sleek and stylish appearance, the BMW R18 Carbon Fiber Headlight Fairing is the perfect addition to any R18, adding a touch of class and sophistication to your ride. Whether you’re hitting the open road or just cruising around town, the BMW R18 Carbon Fiber Headlight Fairing is an essential accessory for any R18 owner.

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