BMW G26 ARMASPEED Carbon Fiber Aerodynamic Kit

$400 USD$1,590 USD

The BMW G26 430i / i4 M50 ARMASPEED aerodynamic kit elegantly blends aesthetics with functionality. It features front splitters with sharply defined lines for a sporty look, and a rear spoiler with a unique angle and increased surface area for agility. These design choices not only enhance the vehicle’s contours but also improve downforce and airflow, boosting stability and driving performance. The kit is crafted from high-quality prepreg carbon fiber, known for its lightness and strength. Advanced production techniques like 3D scanning and metal mold production ensure perfect component fit. Foam-filled production adds to the kit’s lightweight yet robust nature. This aerodynamic kit is not just visually striking but also heightens the driving experience, making it a prime choice for car enthusiasts.

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