Commonly Asked Questions
How many HP increase after installing ARMA intake?

Depends on your vehicle. ARMA carbon fiber cold air intakes always present HP gains. It ranges normally between 2hp up to 25hp on selected models. We have provided dyno test results for new products and some old models as well for your reference. Variable and non-variable have approximately same HP gain.

How to clean air filters?

Variable air intake is made from stainless steel, you can clean with water and wait untill it DRIES (Never install it back when it’s WET).

Non-variable: we do not suggest cleaning, please replace.

When should I replace filter?

Variable Intake: no need to replace because it is stainless steel.

Non-variable Intake: please follow OEM user manual, and follow it’s air filter suggestion.

Can I install by myself?

It is recommended that an experienced technician help you install ARMA intake system.

What is your warranty for air intake?

1 year for intake and ECV

What is the suggestion about wheel and rotor size?

It depends on wheel offset !! We normally suggest 17 “wheel with 330mm (12.99”) rotor, 18 “wheel with 345mm (13.58”) rotor, 19 “wheel with 355mm (13.97”) rotor.

When should I replace rotor & brake pad?

After stripping brake pads twice, we suggest to also replace rotor.

Can Arma brake component be compatible with other brand's component?

No, ARMA brake system is designed as a set. Mixing brake part with other brands may cause unexpected issues.

What is the different between M & R series caliper?

M series – one-piece casting, color coating.

R series – light-weight design, hard anodize coating.

Can I install ARMA BBK by myself?

No, We strongly suggest an experienced technician to help you install ARMA brake system.

What is your warranty for brake system?

Rotor: 3 month / 10,000km

Caliper: 2 year / 30,000km

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